How To Choose The Perfect Swimsuit For Your Body

Feeling comfortable on the beach or in the pool is the first step to looking good because, although it sounds like motivational talk, it is true that the beauty of every woman comes from within. However, when choosing a swimsuit, we always begin to have prejudices about our bodies and feel dissatisfied with them. 

Some of us may feel uncomfortable showing too much or too little, we feel fat or too skinny, or we compare ourselves with the girls of the moment, but the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and be aware of the body you have to get the most out of it. Today from Belle Lingerie, we will tell you which swimsuits you should wear this summer. Enjoy summer deals with the Belle Lingerie discount code.

The perfect measure

Here the most important thing is not to stress or get depressed by the size you find in the market or the size you dream of having. Focus only on how the swimsuit looks and how it feels on your body. Always try it on because you’ll never know what works for you until you see it on your own body.

If you buy a two-piece swimsuit (bikini), buy them separately so that you can wear the size according to your body. For example, if you are a woman with more bust than hips, you can buy a top size M, L, or XL and a panty size S or M. Do not miss the summer prints. Here is the Belle

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A bikini with adjustable straps is the best option because it does not mark or cut your skin.

To make your buttocks look better, buy the panty separately, so you can choose a panty that fits your hips. A panty that covers completely will make your buttocks look bigger, so look for one that shows a little “cheeks” because it will look much better.

Choose swimwear according to body type.

For every body type, there is a perfect swimsuit. It is time to show off your figure in the pool and on the beach, but surely more than once, you have bought a beautiful bikini that, when you put it on, you are horrified by how it looks on you. Next, we give you the keys to knowing the bikini or swimsuit best suits your body. Take note!

  • Small bust or pear shape (little bust plus hips)

A small bust has advantages, especially since you can use textures and patterns in the bikini top. You have a pear shape if your top is one or two sizes smaller than your bottom. The goal is to enhance and increase the volume of this area. Choose swimwear ruffles, bows, and striking prints. You can also opt for the “push-up” or padded versions.

  • You can wear strapless or boleros with details on the top in dark-colored pantyhose without prints.
  • Retro-style bikinis will be your best ally. High-waisted panties will downplay the shape of your hips.
  • Wide bust and hips oval body (also has a wide abdomen)

This body type is characterized by having a pronounced stomach with thick arms and legs. The idea is to give your body a contour. The best option is to wear a one-piece swimsuit, they can be printed, but the ideal is to wear one in a single tone. Also, look for swimsuits with control, meaning the texture helps you hold and shape.

Curvy or hourglass (Your hips and bust are proportionate, and your waist is accentuated.)

It is a body that is proportionate. They are women with chests and hips of similar width. For this type of body, the most flattering thing will be to highlight the waist; Opt for swimsuits with details at the waist or two pieces, with high-waisted pantyhose. Also, the patterns look great on you. Enjoy festive deals on the Belle Lingerie discount code.

  • Big bust and back or inverted triangle (more bust and back than hips)

Draw attention to your pantyhose. Choose prints or pantyhose that are not so wide to create a visual effect of increasing your hips, and on top, opt for tops with support, do not wear strapless. You can also wear one-shoulder or halter-neck swimsuits.

  • Straight or rectangular (Your hips and bust are proportionate but without a pronounced waist)

If you have a straight silhouette without curves, the solution is to wear a two-piece dress tied at the hip and jumpsuits with a stripe down the middle, like a belt. Also, you will wear trikinis or swimsuits with openings on the sides. Choose from exciting yet funky prints. 

You can try tankinis to highlight the silhouette. Another option is panties or swimsuits with integrated girdles to mark the curves. You should accentuate your hips with patterned panties with side lacing adjustment. Plunging necklines and sporty halter tops flatter very broad shoulders and thick torsos. A tankini top with a high-waisted brief slims and flattens the abdomen. Save big on the Belle Lingerie discount code.

  • Big chest and size

You should avoid the mini-format tops because the weight of the chest needs more support, and if you have it a little sagging, they do not favor anything if you wear the typical curtain bikini. Opt for large, reinforced cups, V-necklines, sporty or halter necklines, wide straps, and double-stitched bands. As for the tones, it is better to choose plain or discreet patterns. You will see the bust very favored and with a lot of support to feel more comfortable. 

Add volume to your hips with panties with embellishments or striking prints. As for the top/bra, very marked necklines and padding in plain tones will favor you. Sign up for exclusive offers on the Belle Lingerie discount code.

Choose the perfect swimsuit: 10 Tips that do not fail!

  1. Show off your best assets with colors and patterns, and hide the areas you don’t want to stand out with solid or darker colors.
  2. A good swimsuit should fit close to the body. If you are in doubt between two sizes, always prefer the smaller one. Why use fabric you don’t need!!
  3. For extra bust support, underwire/bra cups are always good, but they’re not the only option! Some designs do not have rods, but they offer good coverage and support, so when searching, do not close yourself only to the models you classically have in mind and dare to try others that will fulfill the same function. Even a strapless!
  4. As for bikinis, some like to mix parts of different patterns, and others prefer to use the perfect match. There is nothing said, and you can always use the option that suits you best! Although some will always prefer the two pieces of the same print.
  5. Watch out for the roll under the armpit! We prefer models that do not bulge in that area.
  6. All the brands have bikinis and one-pieces in their collections with colors and prints whose cut will help create an illusion regarding curves. The same goes for ruffles, curls, and drapes are always-always-always there for a reason!
  7. Asymmetric models narrow the shoulders and highlight the clavicle. Take advantage and wear a ponytail for an elegant look!
  8. You can also create the illusion of longer legs by wearing cut-offs, high-waisted bikinis, and wingtip sandals.
  9. Skin tone always helps you look your best, not just the swimsuit. Dare to try tanning oils on sunscreen or self-tanning. Be careful, the important thing is always to take care of your skin, but there are also ways to “help yourself” and show off a summer tone!
  10. But the most important thing is always to feel comfortable and confident with the swimsuit or bikini you choose, so always try several styles. No one but you knows what looks good on you. And always, what looks good on you is a garment in which you feel comfortable. So take advantage of our Belle Lingerie discount code.

Tips to look spectacular in a swimsuit, no matter your body:

Whenever the holidays are approaching, we think about whether our swimsuit will fit us, or if it will still be as impeccable as when we bought it. If you need and want to buy a new one, here are tips from Belle Lingerie to look sensational and how you should take care of it so that it lasts several vacations.

When trying on a swimsuit, we often discover chubby shapes that were not there before. Don’t worry; to hide what we don’t like there is a swimsuit for each of us.

  • Avoid those with horizontal stripes, bright colors, or large prints in the bikini area.
  • If you have little hips, the ruffles are for you. You can wear the lower part with strong and bright colors, prints in rounded shapes or horizontal lines, and make sure that the upper part of the swimsuit is in darker colors, plain or with a small print than the one below.
  • Do not buy a smaller or too tight size because what you will cause is that all the chubby ones protrude above the fabric. Many women retain fluids once the weather or altitude changes, so your bathing suit will likely appear smaller than your size. Also, avoid high contrasts at the top and bottom and thick belts that are lighter in color than the rest of the swimsuit.
  • If you have a small bust, take advantage of ruffles, rhinestones, rods, and striking prints to make it look bigger. In addition, adding life to this part will help you make your face look happier.
  • If you want to lengthen your legs, you can choose a swimsuit that has a high leg cut, but if, on the contrary, your waist is very short, and then you can wear boxers or low cut, which are also very comfortable, demure and fashionable.

So now you know the bikini or swimsuit that best suits your body. It’s time to order and buy the best suits you. Unlock the Belle Lingerie discount code!

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