What Horse Bits For Your Horse

Horse bits are irons that are introduced into the horse’s mouth for direction and control. A bit is a powerful tool due to the lever effect, so you have to be careful not to hurt the horse’s mouth. The cannon of the bit is placed on the horse’s tongue and rests on the bars or seat of the horse’s mouth, which, as we said, is the part of the gums without teeth.

The points where it acts on the horse are the jaw, palate, tongue, and the corner of the lips and on the seats or bars of the mouth. They are made up of two side pieces (legs or beds) joined by a central barrel that is the piece that enters the mouth. It has the following complimentary parts: hooks, chains, and rings for the horse rein.

The correct adjustment of the chain is significant for the proper functioning of the bite. The lever should come into action at a 45 angle about the horse’s mouth when taking the reins.

When to Start Using the Horse Bits 

Most horse bits, regardless of their style or the discipline for which they are used, have the same parts. The brake legs and the handle of the bit flange worked together because the lever effect and the proportion between one and the other will determine the force of the same.

Horse bits are usually used from a very early stage of dressage. First, the horse must be taught to respect the bridle (working jaquima with three rings), pass the command to the fillet (better if it is initially a chopstick fillet), and introduce the bit fine-tune the aids with an advanced horse level.

Types of horse bits:

The designs may vary according to the type of riding and the region where it is practiced. The manufacturers of horse bits have included some details that differentiate them, trying to give, on the one hand, better functionality, and on the other, more excellent aesthetics to the piece.

  1. Dressage Bit 

It is used mainly in dressage and with some quite strong show jumping horses. It is an exact piece for a level of work that requires an expert hand and exercises with very collected airs. There are three types of dressage bit:

  1. Classic bite
  2. Cowboy snack
  3. Western bite

It is used in combination with a fillet in dressage, placing the two pieces in a double stud bridle. In the other two, it is used individually.

  • Pelham Bit

It is a unique bite that combines the actions of the fillet and bites in a single mouthpiece. The fillet and the lever are joined through a small strap (converter) where the reins are placed. It can be used with a bridle horse, double harnesses, or a pressure-spreading bridge. This bit is the one we use in horse tack, as it has a barrel with a very smooth curvature to allow the horse’s tongue to pass through, and it hardly acts on the palate.

We use these types of horse bits both in the training stage at hand and in mounted training. We reach the final stage with the horse, teaching the horse to stretch its stride in any of the gaits (walk, trot or gallop). This last stage of dressage has a softer use because its lever is short so that with a small action with the reins, the horse will slow down, stop or turn quickly.

  • Hackamore Horse Bits

As we discussed at the beginning of this piece, it is very particular since it does not have iron. A horse bit is considered “A mouthful without a mouthpiece.” It exerts the action on the horse’s nose when making contact to indicate the will to slow down, some more gently and others with a more extreme effort depending on the lever’s length and the noseband material.

Hackamore horse bits are designated for tame school horses, horses ridden by inexperienced hands, horses of advanced age, and shared in natural dressage. It is also approved to compete in show jumping and sometimes seen in dressage without including competitions since it is not yet approved in that discipline.


The besthorse bit is a good seat, good hands, and a deep understanding of the principles of horsemanship, which does not depend on fashions or human opinions but the nature of the horse.”

We must ensure that our horse acts relaxed and light in the mouth. And thanks to the principles of the science of horsemanship, together with a good seat of their mouth. The rider and horse will be able to understand each other so that with slight pressure from the rider, there will be total understanding. Therefore, it is essential to know each of the different mouthpieces. We suggest not just the type but quality, their characteristics, and the use for each type of horse.

We hope that this article has been helpful to you and that we are more precise about all the types of horse bits.

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