Emporio Armani: Contemporary Elegance And Simplicity

Giorgio Armani considered the most commercially successful Italian designer and a great favorite among celebrities, founded the Emporio Armani house in 1973 under his representative eagle symbol. Since his inception, his creations have always been characterized by an exclusive, luxurious, and timeless style. Check out for Armani code sale and offers. 

Iconic women’s pieces for a flawless look

Do you need to renew your wardrobe background? Bet on the versatile models of the incomparable Italian firm, which combine high-quality materials with sophisticated and always eye-catching designs. It is a collection designed for today’s women. His proposals are perfect for taking from the office to the after-work, without going home! For a lady look, choose one of her dresses with a V-neckline. If you are looking for a touch of sophistication, combine her high-waisted pants with her romantic funnel neck blouses. And if what you need is comfort, opt for their printed cotton sweatshirts. Any of the brand’s pieces are a safe bet!

The streetwear extravaganza

When it comes to footwear, Emporio Armani has also managed to bring streetwear trends to its territory. He proposes high-top sock-style sneakers with a round toe and fabric models with the brand’s logo as the protagonist for women. Do you prefer to combine your clothes with something more classic? He opts for his boots and ankle boots in unicolor leather with synthetic fiber soles to tread hard. Shop the collection for 40% OFF on Timeless Pieces when you use the Armani code cheap

Luxury and quality for all members of the family

The brand’s light lines are also evident in the Emporio Armani man. The men’s clothing range features elegant kent-collared shirts, high-necked wool jumpers, and slim-fit jeans with invisible zippers. These are perfect designs to combine for a workday or any occasion! Opt for their cotton t-shirts with the oversized logo print if you don’t want to go unnoticed. We love them in any color, although they will be the perfect joker for any outfit in navy, black or white. Use the Armani code sale to save on men’s clothing from £46.

Armani’s love for kids

The little ones can also enjoy the comfort and spirit of the brand with its children’s line, full of fun prints and classic designs in garments made with the best materials. And let’s not forget that Emporio Armani is also making its way into the world of sportswear with its EA7 range. This collection, designed for both the city and the field of play, introduce off-road proposals of technical inspiration: from t-shirts and leggings to shoulder bags, caps, backpacks, and scarves. You will not miss anything!

Giorgio Armani timeless pieces: an elegance that lasts

Italian designer Giorgio Armani leads a multifaceted empire that encompasses much more than just fashion. The creator is now 85 years old. Giorgio Armani “If the object is to create things that last, the sales are meaningless; they are bread for today and hunger for tomorrow”.

The Armani haute couture shows are an almost sociological spectacle. Not because of the clothes —or not only—, but because of the scenery: shoppers are competing in carats and botox; some of the most elegant women on the planet and international celebrities who will later wear the runway pieces on the red carpet. His relationship with Hollywood dates back to 1983 when after designing costumes for American Gigolo, he became the first designer to open an office in Los Angeles. As in so many other aspects, the Italian creator was a pioneer when it came to an understanding of the importance of what, four decades later, we call the influencer phenomenon.

At the fashion show held this past January in Paris – the latest in open-door women’s fashion – Juliette Binoche and Reese Witherspoon occupied the front row. Due to image issues, media coverage, and prestige, haute couture events are among the most relevant events for the company. But its founder has just decided that he will synthesize in a single show the two that he has organized until now annually. Furthermore, he will renounce the pageantry of the French capital – where Haute fashion week takes place – in favor of Milan. He will also present a single Emporio Armani collection, his most affordable line, in which he will incorporate garments for men and women. Now you can enjoy a spectacular sale of Women’s Clothing for £60. Just click on the Armani code cheap.

Armani ensures to untie. 

Armani claimed the need to slow down, show fewer collections, and consider the real demands of consumers “. At 86 years old, Armani does and undoes. He does not answer to anyone but himself. His is still the company he founded in 1975 with $ 10,000 and a secretary who was paid so little that she had to allow him to study in the office to be compensated for working with him. It is one of the few independent and unlisted companies still holding out in today’s polarized luxury industry.

Even so, the designer wants to explain himself and answers questions since his confinement in Italy, where he has been able to reflect “without the stress of the city.” The reasons that have led him to take these surprising measures are economic and structural, almost metaphysical. “I have always vindicated the need to slow down, show fewer collections and return to a position where the real demands of consumers are taken into account,” he argues. 

He has been denounced for a long time – first, in the backstage, and last May – “the disastrous consequences of adopting a hyper-accelerated production model typical of fast fashion in the hope of selling more, but forgetting that luxury takes time to be built and to be appreciated”. And with the hyper-accelerated model, he refers to the formula created by Zara of bringing new products to stores two or three times a week. So many high-end brands have tried to replicate with supposedly exclusive creations. “The strong financial management of the firms was what paved the way for this type of strategy. But there has to be a way back: this endless manufacturing cycle is seriously damaging to creativity, consumption and the environment. “

Hence, his decision to reduce the number of parades and the idea, not yet materialized, to partially or totally abolish the pre-collections; those deliveries generally more commercial that are put on sale between autumn-winter spring-summer, those of a lifetime, come on. “I think one collection per season is enough. The difference between the pre-collections and the main collections consists, fundamentally, in the dates in which they arrive at the stores”. Do not skip the biggest discounts and Armani code sale. 

What makes Armani stand out as a legendary designer?

His words have a special meaning. Armani is a pioneer in conquering the insatiable Asian market and developing licenses and business lines. He currently has 10, including hotels, restaurants, cosmetics, and decoration, but his catalog became much larger. Three years ago, the company already decided to reorganize and reduce the fashion portfolio, then made up of six firms. Armani Jeans and Armani Collezioni closed, which became part of Emporio Armani and Armani Exchange, respectively. This readjustment led to a 37.3% drop in earnings in 2018 and a 9.8% drop in sales. The question now is how it will manage to maintain those benefits of 2.1 billion euros if the company – which has 8,980 employees – slows down production. “The crazy consumption does not seem very in tune with these times”, responds the creator.

Endless manufacturing is seriously damaging to creativity, consumption and the environment “. Be that as it may, the quarantine has not only made Armani – and other designers – reflect on the future of the world and the consequences their business decisions have on it, it has also forced them to rethink manufacturing and distribution for less philosophical reasons.

Let’s gets inspired

The autumn-winter collection has not been able to start manufacturing until now, and that of spring-summer was confined within the stores for three months, in the same way, that consumers were at home (where they are still in some parts of the world). That is why Armani has decided to keep the garments in the boutiques until September and not remove them in the middle of July as is usually done. For this reason and because he considers that “the current resynchronization between commercial seasons and seasons is certainly absurd and must be solved.” Stop and shop online. Use the Armani code cheap to take advantage of our 40% discount offer And Standard Delivery for just £6.50.

Armani is always at the forefront.

Armani has been one of the first to criticize the unreason of the fashion calendar, but he has not been the only one. In the middle of May, a group of designers published a letter in which precisely requested that the sales campaigns be adjusted to the stations. The summer collections are in stores from February to July, and the winter collections, from August to January. “It is not normal to buy winter clothes in May,” summarized Van Noten on behalf of the rest of the signatories: brands such as Marine Serre and Gabriela Hearst and shopping centers of the weight of Nordstrom Selfridges or Bergdorf Goodman. Shortly after, Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director, announced that, instead of eight collections a year, he would present only two, which would include men’s and women’s garments and would not respond to the “old ritual of the seasons” spring-summer and fall-winter.

We have to offer the consumer something worth the price that he has, well made and well designed, designed to last more than one season. And we can do it if we act together, restructuring the fashion system from within. It is a challenging and exhilarating challenge. 

We have a unique opportunity to rewrite the present, and we better take it. “Especially after the pandemic has brought about a change in our way of perceiving the concept of luxury: “The freedom to be able to walk outside, to travel, to see our friends and the people we love. That is the true luxury. In this context, we have a different attitude towards objects: we will buy things more thoughtfully, valuing them more and appreciating them for a longer time”. This will bring, in Armani’s opinion, a new social taste: “I think people want clothes that last. Beauty and quality will once again gain relevance, but with a hint of fresh eccentricity. I don’t have a crystal ball”. Anyone would say otherwise. We present the Armani code cheap to order men’s bags from £100.

Let yourself be carried away by contemporary and trendy forces.

He was rejecting excesses and embracing informality. Armani puts the finishing touch to Milan Fashion Week Madrid. Throughout a show live and with the public which could be followed in the same way through the main digital channels of the house and the official platform of the catwalk, the designer Giorgio Armani line for the following Spring / Summer season of 2022. A summer and informal collection, with which the famous Italian fashion houses signed their definitive return to the arms of their public, at the same time that was used to put the finishing touch to this latest edition of Milan Men’s Fashion Week. 

Giorgio Armani Spring / Summer 2022 Collection

Waiting for the final closure of the celebrations, Armani closed the bulk of the five days of presentations showing a return to the origins of the house. And not only in its most literal aspect, undertaking the presentation from the firm’s headquarters in the central Via Borgnuovo of Milan, the place from which it began its transformation to become the great international fashion Group that it is today. It shows itself as a proposal that the Italian house comes to use to further highlight those same principles, linked to sophistication and comfort, to which it has remained faithful throughout all these years.

In Via Borgnuovo, the Italian designer once again explores the idea of a style that liberates instead of limiting, relaxed but not neglected and “classic”. Still, as a sign of progress, they explain to us from the Italian firm. And this “he does by observing the times in which we live.” Yes, Style is increasingly moving away from formality, to embrace “decisively the informality of sports style.

The freshness in Spring / Summer 2022 Collection

Armani presents a collection of light and informal garments away from any excess. Reformulating in this way the formal lines of the house while managing to remain faithful and highlight its same values, we find a 100 percent Armani collection designed by the designer and his team. Its members include Pantaleo Dell’Orco, Armani’s right-hand man and director of the men’s area of all the house collections for his Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, and Armani Exchange lines. Shop and save this summer via the Armani code sale. 

The chromatic palette in which the tones so characteristic of the Armani universe prevailed, such as its blues, sandy tones, and chalk whites, together with flashes of grids and greens inspired by the natural world. We were shown a light proposal built to starting from light materials and flowing lines. As a contemporary collection, it has also been a hallmark of the Italian firm. The display of excess contributes to corrupting the timeless integrity of the proposal. Armani does nothing more than enhancing the calm and carefree character that they seek to print on garments, which are consequently as elegant as they are comfortable and practical, in equal measure. Click on the Armani code cheap for an immediate 40% OFF.

Armani never abandons his sense of belonging, which results in” an idea of dignity “towards his values and” of rejection of any excess, “even when it seeks to emphasize characteristics such as that” unconcern, “through acts like that” liberating gesture ”of uncovering male legs by wearing shorts. A marked example of that informality prevails over an entire collection. We witness how the suit is modernized in its forms, proposing the idea of combining top and bottom using an evening shirt with a high collar or a piece with a denim jacket cut combined with pleated trousers created in pinstripe of the same wool or with outfits such as those formed by a vest-jacket with Bermuda shorts. Get Armani code sale offer on women’s clothing from £60.

Consequently, we are faced with a collection “tinged with a particular sense of lightness,” made up of “light materials” and “forms that fluidly caress the body,” they add from the Italian house. We see a sample of a calm and carefree attitude is served by a collection that stands as a firm defender of a sporty way of dressing. It is as dynamic and comfortable as elegant. Here is the best offer on the block! Use the Armani code sale to get Gifts for Her from £10.

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